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Stretchable Clothing Labels


Product Code: Stretchable Clothing Labels

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Extra-stretchy clothing labels actually bond to clothing as you iron-on. Unique material makes labels perfect for clothing items that undergo stretching or serious wear and tear. Perfect for swimming costumes and caps, spandex, bike shorts, sports wear, tights, goggles, hats and much more!

  • Stretchable Iron-On Labels measure 50mm x 8mm
  • Maximum 19 characters including spaces
  • Print over 1 line
  • 1 name per set
  • Instructions for applying clothing labels

    Product code: Stretchable Clothing Labels

    Additional Information

    SKU Stretchable Clothing Labels
    Label Type Iron On
    Age No
    Product Category Iron-on Labels
    Gender Both
    Occasion Back to School

    Customer Reviews

    Excellent product, highly recommended Review by Sinti
    This is a must-have for school or out-of-school activities. We put these labels on our girls’ calisthenics uniforms 8 years ago & the labels are still going beautifully. They don’t fade, lift in the corners or peel off. We’ve put them onto leotards, bathers, towels, woollen clothes, everything. If you need more paper, just use Glad Bake or Multilix Bake. To get the first sticker off the sheet, bend the paper in the corner, then grab and pull! Make sure your iron is set to NO STEAM as this is the only time they won’t adhere properly! (Posted on 13/01/2015)
    excellent product, highly recommended :) Review by Sinti
    If you run out of the tracing paper, the Glad Bake or Mulitix Bake paper works just as well. Make sure your iron is set to NO STEAM as this is the ONLY time the labels won't set. They don't lift in the corners as the other labels can, and they stay STUCK to everything - leotards, bathers, towels & all our woollen items without any problems :) (Posted on 13/01/2015)
    These labels are great once I got the art of ironing them on - some clothes you cannot iron but found a lower setting and with paper, pressure and a longer time on garment it worked Ok on some socks but not great after a few washes - best name labels I have bought!! (Posted on 24/01/2014)
    Aged Care Review by Tim
    My mother is in aged care, and although they eventually apply a label to garments that enter the facility, ofetn items without a label are lost. I like to use these labels on new (or previously worn) garments before they go into my mother's room - and I've found that they stand up very well to industrial washing - long enough at least before the facility place their label on her clothes. There is often nothing more frustrating for an older person when their clothes get lost or misplaced in an aged care facility! (Posted on 13/06/2013)
    Very good Review by Briana
    But not great - they don't stay on wool fabric and they get a bit hard and crusty in the clothes dryer. But I will continue buying them bc on the whole they are great as they can't be taken off most fabric so I don't have to worry about my kids' stuff getting stolen at school. (Posted on 13/02/2013)
    do these actually stick? Review by Sarah
    Ive tried these and they dont seem to be sticking as i keep finding the labels around the house and not on the clothes, i will try again and this time leave the iron on for longer. hopefully that works (Posted on 10/01/2013)
    Very easy to use and stay stuck Review by waterwitch
    Decided to try these as the ones i used with the dymo labeller kept peeling off. These are so much easier to iron on, use less heat then the dymo ones and stay put. I like the tracing paper that you iron over as you can see exactly where you putting label. With other labels i used a tea towel over top and you couldn't tell if it moved. (Posted on 16/08/2012)
    Awesome Review by Lynette
    I love these labels. Have been using them on everything since my Son started daycare 3 years ago - he is off to School this year so we are using them again. I prefer these over the classic iron on's simply because they stay on so much better, and last! (Posted on 24/01/2012)
    Peel, Iron, Wear. Easy as 1, 2, 3. Review by Coco
    Used these on hats, shirts, shorts, dresses as well as library and swimming bags. Absolutely fabulous, They have stayed on the entire year and look as good as new. Highly recommend them for any school items. (Posted on 11/01/2012)
    Wow - great stretchy labels - kids love them Review by Sparky
    These new stretchy labels are great - have lasted a full school year of washing on stretchy PE shorts and acrylic cardigans. The only downside I have found is getting the first label of the backing paper - which requires some names and patience. Using the tracing paper to iron on take a bit of getting used to - but since the, I have never looked back. Fab labels - I am recommending them to all my friends (Posted on 21/09/2010)

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